Issuance of Borrower’s Library Card for Students

  • Student must present their passbook or School I.D and submit photocopy of the Assessment form, 1×1 picture to the Library in-charge.
  • The Library in-charge fills up all necessary information to the Student Library Card.
  • Release Student Library Card within one (1) week.

Replacement of Lost/Damaged Library Card

  • Inform the Library In-charge of the lost Library Card.
  • Present I.D/passbook /assessment form.
  • The Library in-charge will issue payment slip and student are advised to pay Php.25.00 at the cashier.
  • Submit photocopy of the original receipt with Assessment form and 1×1 picture to the Library in-charge.

Release Library Card within one (1) week

Borrowing Privilege

  1. Faculty and Staff
  2. Faculty members are allowed to borrow books to be used in the subject they teach.
  3. Faculty members and non-teaching staff are exempt from overdue fines. However, when borrowed library materials are not returned for a long period of time a recall slip shall be sent to the concerned faculty and non-teaching staff.
  • Bonafide Student of ZSCMST
  • Students are allowed to borrow one (1) book at the Reserved and Filipiniana Section and two (2) books at the Circulation Section.

Recall Slip

          A recall slip is being send to faculty members/staff who do not return the book on time.

          Upon receiving the recall slip the faculty members/staff should sign in the duplicate copy to make sure that they have receive the notice.

          When books are returned, the library in-charge will marked “returned” in the faculty ledger.

Fines and Penalties

  • Computation of overdue fine will start at 9:00 a.m. the following day after the book was taken out. One peso (Php.1.00) per hour will be charged for the 1st day overdue and for the succeeding days, a fine of three pesos (Php.3.00) per day will be imposed.
  • Lose or damaged library materials must be replaced or payment of its corresponding current value by the borrowers will be charged.

Replacement of Lost/Damaged Library resources

  • Inform the Library In-charge and present I.D/ passbook.
  • The Library in-charge will assess whether the lost book will be replaced with the same kind or pay the corresponding value.
  • For payment, Library User should pay at the cashier and submit photocopy of the original receipt to the Library In-charge.

Computation of the Used of Cyber Learning Section

  • Computation of the used of computer is ten peso (Php.10.00) per hour.
  • Lose or damage of computer peripherals must be replaced or payment of its corresponding current value by the borrowers will be charged.

Cyber Learning Services Offer

  • Users may avail of the printing services, P5.00 for black and white and P7.00 for colored.
  • For photocopy services, P2.00 per page.

Off Campus Researchers

          The library accommodate off campus researchers or student from other school provided they have the “Referral letter sign by the Head librarian.


  • Search by Author, Title, Subject or Topic.
  • If you are unsure of exactly what area you’re looking for, you can search by keyword by entering one of more words related to the topic.  This will usually give you a lot of results.


  • All students are required to secure library card through the Head of Library Services upon presentation of registration and 1×1 ID picture.
  • The card shall be validated every semester. In case of loss or damage, The Librarian In-charge must be notified immediately and a new card will be issued one (1) week after payment of TWENTY FIVE PSESOS (Php 25.00).
  • General reference collections such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, Periodical collections, Thesis, Dissertations and other reserve books are strictly for library use only.
  • CDs are strictly for AVR use only.
  • The Library Management is not responsible for any lost or stolen personal items.
  • Foods and drinks are allowed at the Maker Space Section only.
  • Chairs and tables must be properly arranged after using.
  • Computers at the Cyber Learning Center are strictly for academic research only.
  • Damage to any library property will be charged accordingly.
  • Do not toy the mouse or keyboard, damages will be charge on the user.
  • Changing of existing computer preference setting is prohibited.
  • The use of flash Drive or USB is not allowed.
  • Proper decorum must be observed at all times.
  • Charges for printing of files/documents must be paid directly to the Cyber Learning In-charge only and to be turned-over to the Cashier Office at the end of the month.